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Fabrica pubblica il secondo Bilancio di Sostenibilità

Aprile 2022 – Approvato il secondo Bilancio di Sostenibilità di Fabrica che conferma l’impegno della SGR nella implementazione dei principi ESG nella propria attività di investimenti e asset management

Fondo Erasmo, GRESB assessment 2021

Novembre 9th 2021 – Fondo Erasmo achieved the best result in GRESB assessment, perr “Residential – Italy”, gaining two stars.

“Rome 2030” conference

Semptember 30th 2021 – “Rome 2030” convention aims at promoting a positive debate about the Capital City. Thanks to the contribution of high standing speakers, it presents a data-driven representation of Rome, freeing it from prejudices and highlighting all its potential.

Presentation of the Study “Rome 2030″

September 17th 2021 – On September 29th, we are going to present the evidences of the study “Rome 2030: the City in the new international scenario”, realised with Scenari Immobiliari.

Resilience and perspectives of living sector

May 20th 2021 – According to latest outlook, living sector appeal is increasing among EU institutional investors. A view expected by Fabrica, that launched a dedicated RE fund during 2020 Italian lockdown

Fabrica released its first Sustainability Report

April 23rd 2021 – Fabrica approved its first Sustainability Report. With a long-term track record in social responsible real estate investments, Fabrica has now started an integrated strategy aimed at setting its activity in a measurable ESG frame

Intervista al Ceo di Fabrica

21 settembre 2020 – Intervistato da Idealista, Giovanni Maria Benucci esprime cauto ottimismo per la ripresa del comparto real estate