The Gruppo Caltagirone, reference stakeholder of the SGR, is one of the main Italian Real Estate developers, with over 3 million square meters built and sold in office, commercial and residential realizations.

Taking to heart its distinctive track record, Fabrica sets its activities under an initial focus on the residential development compartment and its following trading (fractional sale). Development operations in both the cities of Rome and Milan have today a fair value of over 1,3 Billion €. Such activities have been mainly conducted under two Real Estate funds, which have now completed the investment process:
• Fund Seneca: development of 4.000 residential units in Rome – IRR: 21,4%
• Fund Forma Urbis: development of 400 residential units in Rome– IRR: 13,5%

Today, Fabrica manages a residential portfolio, organized as such:
• Free-standing leased buildings, the portfolio includes 25 assets with about 2.000 residential units, prevalently leased at market rents. The assets have been purchased as a result of contribution operations by two of the major Italian Pension Funds: Inarcassa and Cassa Forense, pursuing valorization strategies on their properties’ real estate portfolio. Geographically all the macro-areas of the Peninsula are covered, with a higher concentration on the cities of Rome and Milano, as well as other provincial capitals;
• Social housing operations: Fabrica manages two funds invested by the FIA Fund of CDP Immobiliare SGR SpA. The two funds are dedicated to the development of a project in Cesena and to other interventions in the southern regions of Italy. The funds are realizing an investment plan of more than 200 million Euro and have already started development projects for about 600 new social housing units.

Asset selection

Villanova, Pescara – Ecovillaggio Abruzzo

Project for 96 social housing apartments in Villanova, Pescara


Cesena (FC), Italy – via Ravennate

Social housing project for the realization of a new establishment of 340 allocations destined to be leased and sold for a reduced fee


Roma, Italy – Halldis Apartments – via Flavia 93

Requalification of a prestige property for the realization of an apartment complex intended for short term lease. Managed by Halldis, main player in the sector


Roma, Italy – via Fiorini 16 – via Toscani 15/95

Multifamily asset in Rome, Monteverde neighborhood


Roma, Italy – via Ippolito Nievo 61

Multifamily asset in Roma, Trastevere neighborhood


Roma, Italy – viale degli Ammiragli 91

Multifamily asset in Rome, Cipro neighborhood


Roma, Italy – via Badoero 51 e 61

Multifamily asset in Roma, Garbatella district


Matera, Italy – via Elisa Springer 22

Realization of a 115 apartment complex intended for social housing destined to be leased for a reduced fee


Napoli Vigliena

Urban regeneration on a former industrial site in Napoli to realise 71 social housing apartments.


Roma, Italy – via Albertario 20

Multifamily asset located in Roma, Aurelio neighborhood


Roma, Italy – viale Marconi 152-164-172

Multifamily asset in Rome, Marconi neighborhood


Bari, Italy – via Iqbal Masih

Realization of a 226 apartment complex intended for social housing destined to be leased for a reduced fee