Social Responsibility

800 mln € of RE responsible investments to sustain Italy's growth

Besides targeting a significantly real estate sectors to support national welfare, as may be social housing, student housing, senior residence, among others, Fabrica implements an ESG approach, inspired by international best practices.

Code of Ethics

Fabrica lives by its Code of Ethics, to which all employees, external operators, or whomever collaborates short- and long-term answer to.

Its principles are:

  • Law, Honesty and Fairness: the pursuit of Fabrica SGR’s interests shall never justify an opposite behavior to its principles nor values. Relations with others are modeled by criteria and behaviors of fairness, collaboration, loyalty and above all respect.
  • Transparency, reliability and confidentiality of data: Fabrica assures a proper and prompt information to its shareholders, subscribers to the Funds, external cells and competent controls, on the regard of significant information on the company’s management and accountancy as well as the Funds’.
  • Value of its members and protection of the integrity: the SGR assures its members respectful and proper working conditions, also concerning personal integrity and safety. Work relations and external collaborations are modeled by the workers’ rights and by the absolute value of the professional relation, so to also favor professional and personal growth.
  • Fairness and equal opportunities: Fabrica does not discriminate against age, gender, state of health, race, nationality, political nor religious beliefs. Fabrica’s team is composed by over 50 professionals, where the average age is close to 40 and female workers equals 58%.
  • Avoidance of conflicts of interest: the SGR operates avoiding any conflict of interest whatsoever where subjects involved in the transactions are, may appear, or could be in conflict of interest with the company itself or others to it related.
  • Prevention of corruption: Fabrica explicitly prohibits any measure or action to or by third parties, to promote or favor personal interests, take advantage, or which may affect impartiality or autonomy of judgement. In this respect, the SGR does not allow payment or acceptance of sums of money, gifts of favors, from/to third parties, intended to procure direct or indirect advantages, with the exception of customary usages of hospitality, courtesy and special anniversaries.

Environmental sustainability

  • All real estate development/regeneration operations foresee the energy requalification of the assets, together with the obtainment of the relevant certificates
  • The SGR foresees, for new real estate developments, to give preference to urban regeneration operations, aimed at limiting the usage of green/virgin areas and contribute instead to the requalification of the already existing urban spaces


The SGR sets the necessary conditions for the shareholders’ participation in the decision making of which they are competent. For the information to be properly widespread and conscious, promoting equality and completeness of information and protection of their interest. The governance system adopted by the SGR complies with the law and is aforethought to:

  • ensure the regularity of management operations;
  • risk management and control;
  • achieve maximum transparency with shareholders;
  • meet the legitimate expectations of the shareholders;
  • avoid misconceptions or injury of creditors and/or shareholders by whatsoever operation.

The SGR has adopted, as a reference for an effective definition of its corporate governance model the Control Regulations for SGRs by Banca d’Italia, il Codice di Autodisciplina promosso da Assogestioni, and the Disposizioni di Vigilanza per le SGR previste dalla Banca d’Italia, and D.lgs. 231/01, associative guidelines issued by Assogestioni.