About us

A solid client-based approach

Fabrica SGR’s Reference Shareholder is Gruppo Caltagirone, one of the main Italian entrepreneur companies in the Real Estate sector, among others.

As one of the leading Italian players within the sector, Fabrica manages today a total business of 5.8 Bn €.

Throughout the years, the SGR has gained the main institutional investors’ trust, predominantly Pension Funds, which today in fact represent over 90% of the investments under management.

Our Values

The SGR’s work ethics takes after the Gruppo Caltagirone which along the years have more an more been consolidated.

  • Transparency: the investment process and disinvestment, therein included the periodic assessments and the outsourcer selection, happens within a system of internal transparent procedures. We pride in our transparency carrying out a reporting system aligned with international best practices, as well as control functions requests.
  • Independence: the SGR management team and directors choose the operations to be carried out by the management funds, independently of it all, but the market’s needs.
  • Expertise: the team is composed of skilled professionals with cross market expertise. The selection of the best investment opportunities is achieved with the latest market tools and methodologies aligned with top international standards.
  • Responsibility: Fabrica is among the most dynamic operators of the market, with the greatest expertise in the real estate investment sector with social impact.  With over a decade of experience, which begun with the first socially responsible fund instituted in Italy, through the investments in kind of INPS (Italian Social Pension Fund) in favor of universities and research institutes.  Fabrica has launched over 900 mln € in social impact initiatives, supporting welfare of infrastructural gaps in various sectors and geographic areas, especially concerned about student housing at reduced fees and social housing initiatives.

Our track record

Our tailormade approach, constructed on the specific needs and risk profile of each investor, has taken us to develop sharp skills within a wide range of operations

  • Structuring of real estate investment platforms for Italian Pension Funds to invest in equity. among which there is the first fund with a pan-European allocation;
  • Contribution in kind acquisition of real estate portfolios, conferred by leading Italian Pension Funds;
  • Income portfolio management, with various asset allocations;
  • Real estate development operations and further Split-sale, mainly in the cities of Rome and Milan;
  • Social impact real estate investments.