Fabrica SGR’s Reference Shareholder is Gruppo Caltagirone, one of the main Italian entrepreneur companies with over 100 years of experience. It is a holding listed on the stock market.

Starting from 80’s, the Group diversified in infrastructure, financial and media sectors, while maintaining its core business in real estate.

Cultural Heritage: the Gruppo Caltagirone values

The drivers over which was built the Gruppo’s entrepreneur code:

  • Predictive ability and versatility: the Gruppo has grown through decades accompanying its entrepreneurial activity with an intense dynamism in the market. Over time it has expanded its activities in various sectors, proving to be more and more profitable by the year.
  • Innovation: based on a meticulous and constant analysis of the quota, the Gruppo has often taken a pioneer role by introducing some of the commonly used practices today; by the entrustment of construction assignments and the interception of state-of-the-art operational models.
  • Planning and cost Control: the Gruppo has traditionally operated with a conservative management approach, so to ensure a financial reserve available short-and-long-term, in the protection of institutional investments and their activity, throughout the sometimes least favorable, phases of the market.