It is an extraordinary moment for Italy and a climate of trust is concentrated in Rome”.

Our CEO, Giovanni Maria Benucci, ended with these words the “Rome 2030” conference, aimed at presenting the evidences of the study promoted by Fabrica SGR and carried out by Scenari Immobiliari.

The problems are there, of course, but the Capital expresses solid fundamentals and, compared to the sustainability requirements of the UN 2030 Agenda, Rome is ahead of other European capitals: from reduced population density to greenery, from air quality to resilience in the event of a crisis. Our hope, in having promoted this study, is on the one hand to contribute to stimulating a serious and constructive debate on the Capital, a “pact” between public and private actors to intercept the recovery. On the other hand, we hope to have generated more than a dutiful perplexity about the negative stereotypes on which the narrative often focuses and to have ignited interest and curiosity for real data”.

A heartfelt thanks to all the participants and speakers, who have enriched the debate with further ideas and reflections for the relaunch of Rome in the near future: Angelo Camilli (Unindustria), Silvia Rovere (Assoimmobiliare), Alessandro Caltagirone (Immobiliare Caltagirone), Giuseppe Gola (Acea), Giuseppe Roma (RUR), Carlo Ratti (MIT), Paola Severino (Luiss), Stephen Coticoni (BNP Paribas Real Estate), Maurizio Nitrati (KPMG), Joachim Sandberg (Cushman & Wakefield), Maximo Ibarra (Engineering), Pier Andrea Chevallard (Tinexta), Osvaldo de Paolini (Il Messaggero).