Watch the Press conference video (Italian language)

Inps, Inarcassa and Enpap join financial resources to promote a relevant initiative aimed at developing Italian senior living asset class.

In detail, Inps opened its existing platform dedicated to senior living (Aristotele Sanità Fund) to other investors, widening investment targets to senior housing. The new fund (Aristotele Senior) will focus on developing residential projects for self-efficient over65 people.

The fund will be managed by Fabrica, targeting a 500 mln € investment plan open to other institutional investors.

We are proud about the renewed trust granted by our investors. It is a strong incentive to create a top quality portfolio, with the aim of contributing to develop a lagging sector in Italy – comments our CEO, Giovanni Maria Benucci – The fund is a platform open to the participation of other institutional investors sensitive to issues of inclusiveness and quality of living. Our fund will contribute to develop new social infrastructures in line with the PNRR – National Recovery Plan“.

Inps historical mission is to anticipate Country needs and to be at people service – said Inps Chairman, Pasquale Tridico – . I am proud of this project, that will enable us to answer to Italian socio-demographic trends in an efficient and widespread way. The Institute acts as a pivot for a welfare investment in a strategic sector with social goal of ensuring a context of retirement and care for the elderly“.

Aristotele Senior – said Inarcassa Chairman Giuseppe Santoro – is part of the investment solutions that Inarcassa has been undertaking in the last years to maximise the remuneration of its assets and support the development of the Country, in compliance with the principles of environmental and social sustainability. The investment plan will also involve engineers and architects freelance professionals, while responding to a mission-related goal“.

Enpap decided to invest in senior housing – commented Enpap Chairman Felice Damiano Torricelli – because the asset class was created to promote psychological well-being and quality of life. In addition to offering a professional hospitality and support, Aristotle Senior facilities will allow their guests to have more control of their health, better quality of food, greater sociability and more self-care. Targeted psychological programs can also be activated to prevent depression and dementia. Senior houses will be organized to effectively counter loneliness, the main risk factor for the most serious and disabling diseases, with sociality and beauty“.