Venezia, Italy – Campus Santa Marta

Urban regeneration operation on a historical buildings complex, located in an area with a so far hidden potential, which has now demonstrated to be excellent, doubling up the housing supply for the students in the city.

Property of the Università Ca’ Foscari of Venice, its surface rights have been granted for the following 75 years to the Erasmo Fund. On expiration of the aforementioned period, the Ateneo shall reacquire the entire property without charge.

The complex consists of three buildings, over a total surface of 20.000 square meters out of which 15.000 internal square meters and 5.000 external. About a third of the surface is destined to common areas for educational support, or free-time recreational services. The rooms may fit a single bed or two and shall be equipped with necessary furniture and private restroom.

Among the amenities of the complex there are systems producing energy by renewable sources (photovoltaic system and solar energy) and a cogenerator dedicated to the management of the building through the “Building Management System (BMS)”, which allows to program and manage consumption.

The structure is managed by Camplus, main housing provider for university students in Italy.

Student Housing
17.000 sq.m.

Venezia, Italy - Calle Larga Santa Marta