Torino, Italy – Campus Sanpaolo – via Caraglio 97

Urban regeneration intervention in the ex-industrial area of Borgo San Paolo, on a surface of about 8.000 square meters.

The surface rights have been granted by the Municipality for 99 years to Fabrica SGR following procurement of a public tender. This project has given new life to a forgotten area which now accommodates 536 beds distributed in small studios, and single or double bedrooms.

Taking example of the best international realities, there have been integrated within the structure, common areas and complementary services. There are included: a study room, common kitchen on each floor to favor the sense of community, a gym, a laundry room, a bike parking together with a bike sharing service and 24 hour security guard service.

Campus Sanpaolo is a smart building with Class A Energy, designed under standards of excellency accordingly to safety, accessibility for the disabled and reduction of the environmental impact. It controls consumption of in particular: necessary energy for heating, conditioning and producing sanitary water which is supplied by a geothermic implant and a solar thermal system.

The structure is managed by Sharing Srl, a young company which manages student housing and temporary housing projects.

Student Housing
16.500 sq.m.

via Caraglio 97 - Torino, Italy