Paris, France – Rue de Reaumur 132

Iconic free-standing building within the heart of the central business district, where some of the most majestic boulevards are set under the haussmannian inspiration.

The asset is in fact between Rue de Réaumur 132, the crossing connecting the II and III arrondissement, and Rue Notre Dame de Victoires, right in front of the historical Stock Building of Paris and a few steps away to the Centre Pompidou and the Louvre.

Intended to accommodate the offices of Société Générale at the early 1900s, designed by Jacques Hermant, a renowned architect of the fin-de-siècle Paris.

The building on 6 levels with a mezzanine and 2 levels underground has recently been the object of a major intervention regarding its requalification and conservative restoration, concluded in 2016.

Cicerone Comparto Uno
6.900 sq.m.

Rue de Reaumur 132 - Paris, France