Fabrica was awarded as a “Real Estate Excellence” from Scenari Immobiliari at the 28th S. Margherita Ligure Annual Forum.

The Prize, reserved to Italian Companies that achieved the best results in real estate, was received by Mr. Benucci, Fabrica CEO.

Mario Breglia, Scenari Immobiliari Chairman, commented: “Fabrica is an asset manager open to real estate innovation, both in new asset classes as student housing and multifamily, as well as in more traditional sectors, as office and high street retail. With a solid base in Rome, where it operates within the Caltagirone Group promoting relevant urban regeneration operations”.

The award – said Giovanni Maria Benucci, Fabrica CEO – is an incentive to get better and better in the interest of our investors, with the aim of becoming a benchmark for international investors interested in real estate opportunities in Italy”.

I am proud of the award – added Alessandro Caltagirone, Immobiliare Caltagirone Deputy Chairman – as it proves the attitude of Fabrica and its management for a constant innovation, as well as its ability in understanding market trends and promptly offering high quality products”.